Oral B Kids

Oral-B Stages For Kids

A lifetime of healthy habits starts here. Our products are specifically designed for kids' mouths, featuring ©Disney, ©Disney/Pixar or ©MARVEL characters to make the brushing experience fun and enjoyable.

Disney Magic Timer App By Oral-B

Disney Magic Timer™ App By Oral-B

90% of kids will brush longer with the Disney Magic Timer™ App. Just buy any Oral-B Stages product, download the Disney Magic Timer™ App and scan the product with your device to watch the characters spring into action.

Oral-B Kids Electric Rechargeable Toothbrushes (3+ years)

Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrushes feature ©Disney, ©Disney/Pixar and ©MARVEL characters to make brushing fun for your kids. With their proven superior cleaning vs. a regular manual toothbrush and their extra soft bristled brush heads specifically designed for kids, you will help your kids start a lifetime of healthy oral care habits.

Oral-B Stages Toothpaste
While their smile continues to grow and develop, there's no better time to start healthy oral care habits. Oral-B Stages Toothpastes have been formulated for growing smiles and to bring joy to their routine. They provide effective cavity protection and strengthen enamel.

Oral-B Kids Manual Toothbrushes
Fifty years of expertise has taught us that kids' oral care needs change as they grow. So we've designed each and every Stages toothbrush to meet the specific needs that your child's age and development demands. Stage 1 featuring Disney Winnie the Pooh, Stage 2 featuring Disney Mickey Mouse, Stage 3 featuring Disney Cars and Stage Pro-Expert featuring Disney Frozen characters.
Learn More About Kids' Oral Care

Learn More About Kids' Oral Care

Children have different oral care needs as they grow. Find articles on how to help children of every age.